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Seminar «Youth Employment Policies, SEPES and Gender Inequality»

On September 20, the seminar «Youth Employment Policies, SEPES and Gender Inequality», organized by Fedea, was held at the Sarriko campus. This seminar is part of the Youth Employment PartnerSHIP project, a project aimed at evaluating public initiatives on youth employment in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland and financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. Prestigious European research centers such as IBS Warsaw, Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Fedea, INAPP, the University of the Basque Country, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Paris School of Economics and the World Bank are participating in the project. 

The seminar, of an informative nature and aimed at third sector entities and NGOs, was intended to inform the participants about the existing problems regarding the labor market insertion of young people and the role that public employment services play in this process, as well as to analyze these elements from a gender perspective

The event, organized and coordinated by Fedea, was attended by Sara de la Rica, Professor of Economics at the UPV, Ainhoa Vega, Professor at the UPV and PhD in Economics, Lucía Gorjón, researcher at Fedea and PhD in Economics, and Gonzalo Romero, PhD student in Economics at the UPV. 

Aware of the importance of the use of empirical evidence in direct intervention actions in unemployment, the speakers explained the main results of the analyses carried out in the framework of the project, adapting them to the context of interventions by third sector agents in order to obtain proposals to facilitate the implementation in their field of work.

The session concluded with a debate on how to solve the problems faced by the young population and on which the entities present their work on a daily basis, with the aim of understanding the main difficulties and obtaining policy recommendations on how to solve them.