These are just a few of the most prominent initiatives taken by Fedea to disseminate its work in the academic and scientific fields

Fedea Monographs

The monographs are in depth analyses of economic issues of maximum relevance carried out by the country’s top experts.

  1. Talent, Effort and Social Mobility
  2. The Crisis of the Spanish Economy. Economic Analysis of the Great Recession
  3. Economic Effects of Immigration in Spain
  4. An Agenda for Growth in Spain

Every year Fedea organises academic workshops and hosts scientific events with outside researchers and policymakers. Our most recent workshops include:

  1. Constitutional Limitations to Public Spending
  2. Education and Education Policy in Spain
  3. Human Capital
  4. The Spanish Economic Crisis

Observatories are tools designed to reflect the evolution of economic activity in Spain. They provide the best up to date information available with the aim of enabling opinion to be formed on the current economic situation. The active observatories are:

  • The Fedea Index of Economic Activity
  • The Fiscal and Financial Observatory on the Regions
  • The Labour Observatory on the Crisis
  • The Business Observatory on the Crisis
  • The Air Transport Observatory
Fedea: A Factory of Ideas