What Does Fedea Do?

Fedea`s work is based on three fundamental principles: research, influence on economic policy and dissemination.

Research is the institution´s cornerstone. Fedea will address any aspect of current economic affairs, the only limitation being the proven relevance of the issue for Spanish society. In fact, Fedea’s research agenda has been drawn up over the years to meet the challenges facing our country. We have been able to encourage many of the major international researchers working on Spain to devote part of their time and efforts to studying problems affecting our future. Without Fedea, there would not be as much in- depth, accurate and first rate research as there is today.

Fedea has been present in every relevant economic debate of recent decades. In its 27 years of existence it has provided society, especially its decision takers, with all the knowledge available in the academic world on key aspects of our economy. Most recently, its proposals on structural reforms (employment, housing, health, governance and collective bargaining and pensions) have had a positive influence on Spanish economic policy.

Fedea has not forgotten one of its foundational mandates: the dissemination of economic science. The Fedea initiatives testifying to this are numerous; the most noted are the Nada es Gratis blog and the Festival of Social Sciences in Salamanca. The blog has turned into a very efficient tool for getting our ideas across: it has managed to attract a large number of readers while maintaining a high level of economic rigour in its articles. The Festival, held experimentally in October, 2011 with the presence of two Nobel prizewinners in Economics, saw the involvement of the whole city, especially its university. The aim of the Festival is to present young people with the latest developments in international scientific research and show them that social problems can be approached in an informed and rational manner.

Fedea: A Factory of Ideas