Invitation to the Midterm I-C-EU Project Workshop: EU Policy and Issues of Competitiveness

What is I-C-EU?

Impact of transport infrastructure on international competitiveness of Europe abbreviated as I-C-EU is a 2 year FP7 project that clarifies the relationship between transport infrastructure investments and its wider economic impacts, namely competitiveness and economic growth.

The I-C-EU project explores the state-of-the-art of the methodology and assessment tools for public and private investments in transport infrastructure which include modelling frameworks as well as decision tools. The project analyses and further develops the methodology and proposes a modified framework for policy intervention which will be tested on a representative set of transport projects. I-C-EU will then provide recommendations to the European Commission on making political intervention in order to enhance competitiveness of Europe externally.

Why you should attend the workshop?

Briefly, the European Union needs your ideas in relation to transport infrastructure investment that will help Europe to get out of the economic crisis.

In this workshop, first of all, you will have the opportunity to find out the definition of competitiveness and the different indicators of competitiveness used to assess transport infrastructure investment, as well as tools and models used by the different actors in Europe.

Secondly, you will find out how we should revise transport infrastructure project assessment practices in Europe especially in order to capture its impacts on competitiveness with its implementation to the selected case studies.

And thirdly, the I-C-EU consortium will explain its plan to review EU Policy approach to improve international competitiveness of Europe through policy in transport infrastructure investments.

Basically, you will be informed on how to participate in the project, convey your ideas and thoughts, and at the same time how you will be able to make use of the project findings and outcomes.

Workshop Programme

Session 1:
Welcoming speech (J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz ,Deputy-Director of Fedea, Spain) Introduction to I-C-EU and its current progress (Joko Purwanto – TML, Belgium) Issues of competitiveness, regional growth and indicators used in assessment (Martijn Smit – VU, The Netherlands, Pilar Socorro – Fedea, Spain)

Session 2:
Case studies used in the project and effects of revision of infrastructure project assessment practice in Europe (Ofelia Betancor/Aday Hernández – Fedea, Spain) Review of transport and economic models and the modelling results (Jan Kiel – Panteia, The Netherlands)

Review of EU policy approach to improve international competitiveness of Europe (Barbara Pawlowska/Aleksandra Kozlak – Uniwersytet Gdański, Poland)

Session 3:
EU strategy on increasing competitiveness in Europe and the use of models to assess it (Philippe Montfort – DG Regional Policy, European Commission)

Assessing impacts of EU regional policies on growth and competitiveness (Andries Brandsma – DG Joint Research Centre – IPTS, European Commission)

The use of tools and models in assessing competitiveness in Europe from transport infrastructure investment (Barry Zondag – Significance, The Netherlands)

Session 4:
Panel discussion with Marco Ponti (Polytechnic of Milan/TRT Trasporti e Territorio, Italy) and speakers of the 3rd session. Moderator: Henri de Groot (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Conclusion and the next steps (Christophe Heyndrickx – TML, Belgium)

When & where?

The workshop will be organized on Monday 16th September 2013 at Fedea C/ Jorge Juan, 46 – 28001 Madrid, Spain (Metro line 2 or 9, station Principe de Vergara).
The programme will start at 9.00h and finish at 16.30h.

Interested to attend? Please contact…

Joko Purwanto
Transport & Mobility Leuven (TML), Belgium (Project Coordinator) Telephone: +32 (16) 31.77.37
E-mail: joko.purwanto@tmleuven.be

…or visit our website at www.i-c-eu.eu

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