Program of Human Capital Workshop, FEDEA, 21 September 2012

Coordinadores: Antonio Cabrales y Antonio Ciccone

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  2. Antonio Cabrales, Brindusa Anghel, Jorge Sainz, and Ismael Sanz “Difference-in-differenceand synthetic control methods for comparative case studies: estimating the effect of standardized and external tests.”
  3. Antonio Cabrales, Brindusa Anghel, and Jesus M. Carro “Evaluating a bilingual education program in Spain: the impact beyond foreign language learning.”
  4. Caterina Calsamiglia and Maia Guell «What schools do parents choose under the Boston mechanism? Evidence from Barcelona.»
  5. Antonio Ciccone and Walter Garcia-Fontes “Relative maturity effects in Spain: Evidence from standardized test scores and long-run schooling and income.”
  6. Antonio Ciccone and Walter Garcia-Fontes “Positive externalities from older peers? Evidence from Madrid primary schools.”
  7. Antonio Ciccone and Walter Garcia-Fontes “Gender peer effects: some identification issues and evidence from Spain.”
  8. Florentino Felgueroso, Maria Gutrierrez, and Sergi Jimenez “Why School Dropout Remained so High in the last two decades? The role of the educational law (LOGSE).”
  9. Angel de la Fuente and Juan Francisco Jimeno “La rentabilidad privada y fiscal de la educación en España y sus regiones.”
  10. Ainara González de San Román and Sara de la Rica Goiricelaya “Gender gaps in PISA test scores: the impact of social norms and the mother’s transmission of role attitudes.”
  11. Zoe Kuehn and Pedro Landeras “Study Time and Scholarly Achievement in PISA.“