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Network industries have undergone a deep process of reform, including both changes in their vertical integration and in the possibilities of introducing competition at different stages. The characteristics of different sectors and the willingness of different countries to approach those changes from alternative perspectives have created a wide array of examples and experiences. The aim of this workshop is to revise some of these cases from a multi-sectorial perspective in order to learn about their relative success, or failure.

The programme of the workshop covers different infrastructure-based markets. Professor Yves Crozet (Université de Lyon) will address the implications of opening high-speed rail markets to competition, with a simulation of its impacts in the French case. Mattia Nardotto (Universität zu Köln) will present a paper on the effects of broadband telecomunications policies in the UK at the local level. Finally, Xavier Fageda (Universitat de Barcelona) will analyse the response of airlines of different types to the liberalisation of air markets in Europe and the development of low cost carriers. The papers will be discussed by Germà Bel, Francesc Trillas and Ofelia Betancor.

The V Workshop on Transport Economics will take place in the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona on May 25, 2015.

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  • Mattia Nardotto (University of Cologne)
  • Yves Crozet (Université de Lyon)
  • Xavier Fageda (Universitat de Barcelona)

Presentations and Discussions

Mattia Nardotto ((University of Cologne): Open access regulation in infrastructure sectors, evidence from UK broadband
Francesc Trillas: Discussion

Yves Crozet (Université de Lyon): On-track competition in French high speed rail market: the key variables of a challenge

Xavier Fageda (Universitat de Barcelona): What hurts the dominant airlines at hub airports
Ofelia Betancor: Discussion

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